Dove's City of Greyhawk Campaign

The Annual University of Magic Scavenger Hunt
Tallulah Character Session

The follow has been posted around Clerkbergh.


This years scavenger hunt will be the best yet. Join us on the steps of Bigby Hall at sunrise on the 10th day of Coldeven. We will hand out the sheets of items for you to find.* Our wizards have been crafting things all year to give as prizes to the winners. Those that return with all the items on the list first. Or the teams that return with the most items by sundown. This years grand prize winners will have the choice of the following:

* A full 3-year scholarship to the University of Magical Arts

* 2,000 gold pieces

* Magical Items costing no more then 3,000 gold pieces.**

We can’t to see you all there bright and early.

*all teams must include one member who can read and may not exceed 8 people **This must be a new magical item. Enchanting already enchanted items will not be accepted.

The University of Magical Arts is not responsible for any injury, loss, death or damage that occurs from participation in this event. The University maintains the right to void any competitors that engage in unlawful activities to win the event. All rights reserved. Void on planes where prohibited.

The House of Horror
or "what the hell just happened"

Our brave heroes of Greyhawks have adventured into a strange house in search of a missing dwarf gemsmith. They met strange ghost-gnomes, the dwarf that they were in search of (who they quickly mashed his head in) and lots of gems.

But what was the meaning of all this? Upon some research you found that the rings of sustenance had definitely been keeping the dwarf alive. He seems not to have left his hidden room for weeks. You find that Dorshak has always been paranoid about thieves but no one knows what pushed him over the edge.

Searching around the house you find two beds, a weeks worth of rations and a recently used fireplace in the basement room. Asking around the city you discover that twin gnome brothers, known for their illusions, have gone missing the week before you ventured into the house. They have not turned up but two misty forms were seen drifting from the city and over the river the night you were in the house. There was no magic found in the house at all besides the rings on Dorshak’s fingers.

Enemies at the Gate

This afternoon by the city gates a small skirmish took place between a number of civilians, the city guard and a small band of spiders lead by a goblin. In what was a quick and decisive battle the spiders were eliminated, leaving only one casualty. Services for the dead guardsmen will be held at the temple of Heironeous three days hence.

Among the survivors and valiant defenders were Al’aran, a member of our own Wizards Guild; Baldeuer, a noble who has recently arrived in our city; Darla, a local; Idhirom, a trapper for the tanners; Mehercle, a recent arrival; and last but not least Tallulah, a local waitress and student at the college of arcane arts.

A Beginning

My time here in the free city of Greyhawk had been short, but already my initiation into the local temple of Xan Yae was at hand. The message had been simple enough, I was to eek out the entrance of the temple at midnight, and there attempt my trials. The nature of these were unknown to me at the time, but I was confident I could pass whatever was put before me.

Three questions were laid out ahead of me, philosophical in nature, the nature and answers to which one must find out on their own. Lastly there was a simple test, one might say of problem solving. I passed with ease.

Now I celebrate with my peers, and already eagerly look forward to further advancement in service to the perfect mistress.

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