Dove's City of Greyhawk Campaign

The Annual University of Magic Scavenger Hunt

Tallulah Character Session

The follow has been posted around Clerkbergh.


This years scavenger hunt will be the best yet. Join us on the steps of Bigby Hall at sunrise on the 10th day of Coldeven. We will hand out the sheets of items for you to find.* Our wizards have been crafting things all year to give as prizes to the winners. Those that return with all the items on the list first. Or the teams that return with the most items by sundown. This years grand prize winners will have the choice of the following:

* A full 3-year scholarship to the University of Magical Arts

* 2,000 gold pieces

* Magical Items costing no more then 3,000 gold pieces.**

We can’t to see you all there bright and early.

*all teams must include one member who can read and may not exceed 8 people **This must be a new magical item. Enchanting already enchanted items will not be accepted.

The University of Magical Arts is not responsible for any injury, loss, death or damage that occurs from participation in this event. The University maintains the right to void any competitors that engage in unlawful activities to win the event. All rights reserved. Void on planes where prohibited.



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