Dove's City of Greyhawk Campaign

The House of Horror

or "what the hell just happened"

Our brave heroes of Greyhawks have adventured into a strange house in search of a missing dwarf gemsmith. They met strange ghost-gnomes, the dwarf that they were in search of (who they quickly mashed his head in) and lots of gems.

But what was the meaning of all this? Upon some research you found that the rings of sustenance had definitely been keeping the dwarf alive. He seems not to have left his hidden room for weeks. You find that Dorshak has always been paranoid about thieves but no one knows what pushed him over the edge.

Searching around the house you find two beds, a weeks worth of rations and a recently used fireplace in the basement room. Asking around the city you discover that twin gnome brothers, known for their illusions, have gone missing the week before you ventured into the house. They have not turned up but two misty forms were seen drifting from the city and over the river the night you were in the house. There was no magic found in the house at all besides the rings on Dorshak’s fingers.



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