Falx de domo Cantoris


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Born out of wedlock to a mage and a second son of a noble family in the duchy of Ulek, Felx was conceived as an experiment by his mother on the nature of magic durring pregnancy. He was supported monetarily but never recognized by his father. His mother was distant but cared for him as well. He has several half brothers and sisters who are legitimate children of his father, but they are older and while kind were rather distant during Felx’s childhood. He was entered early into bladesinger training once his combined talents from his from his father and mother were seen. He excelled quickly and learned both magic and swordsmanship, and was eventually entered into the house guard. Not a decade later though he was sent on a special mission: in order to better defend themselves some elves were being sent out into the world to study the other races and cultures. Felx would be gone for 50 years learning what he could from as many peoples as he could. Felx decided that the melting pot of Greyhawk was the best place to get such exposure. He worked briefly for mercenaries guild before becoming a guard for a noble house.After a few years of that however he decided that eh wasn’t getting enough exposure to foreign concepts and eventually became a professor of alternative magic at the Grey College instead. He still teaches there to this day although hes been known to take sabbaticals to act as an adventurer from time to time.

Falx de domo Cantoris

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