Zivilyn (Legacy)

A Psion aiming to be a Thrallherd, Oh My!


Zivilyn was and had always been in a Psion. Of course every Elan had some psionic ability, whether they chose to take advantage of it or not. His life before was unknown to him, and he tried not to think about it, whatever he had been, now he was Elan, and all the advantages that granted.

The circumstances of his rebirth aside, he grew up in the western part of Flanaess, specifically in the Sharifate of Risay west of Zeif. There he fell in with the church of Xan Yae, and became a follower of the lady of perfection. It seemed an ideal fit, and perhaps it was for a time, but as years passed he desired more. Serving could only satisfy so much, and his desires ran towards being served, but since he was not of the clergy his ascension in the organization was limited. Eventually he was drawn into the Nightgate Conspiracy, and from the following fallout found himself moving eastward for the good of his health.

Now he is in Greyhawk, and once again among the faithful of Xan Yae, only time will tell how long it will last before once again he reaches for something greater.

Zivilyn (Legacy)

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