Umbral Embrace

+1 Mithril Breastplate



AC: 6+1
Max Dex: 5
ACP: 0
Spell Failure: 15%
Weight: 15lbs


This dark breastplate is crafted in a human style, and is made out of mithril. The vast majority of it appears to have been treated so as to limit the amount of reflective light it gives off, though not enchanted as such. It is primarily black and is custom fitted.


Originally crafted for an elven thief, it was to become the prized armor of the guildmaster of the local thieves guild in Libernen, passing from one to the next. It wasn’t until Jaegar Swift rose to the spot of guildmaster by eliminating his rivals and the previous guildmaster that it would fall out of the thieves guilds hands, and into the hands of adventurers.


Umbral Embrace

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