Church of Xan Yae (City of Greyhawk)

Lotusblossom3The Church of Xan Yae operating in the Free City of Greyhawk.

About Xan Yae

Xan Yae, the supreme mistress of petals, is a god of balance in all things. Far from a inactive god, she works constantly to shore up the balance between good and evil, for her doctrine revolves around universal harmony. It is for this reason that dusk, the hour between night and day is her most holy time, and when priests and followers conduct rituals.

The doctrine of the supreme mistress is built upon three pillars. The universal mind, perpetual harmony, and inner peace. The Universal Mind is a concept that all things exist through the power of the mind and that without it, creation would cease. Followers of the lady of perfection believe that through the mind one can alter reality, and it is their hope to one day through combined effort change all of reality. Perpetual harmony then is the thought that all things must be equal, to put oneself in harmony with themselves and their surroundings they are then better able to access the universal mind. Both of these then require the third pillar of inner peace to achieve. It is when one masters both mind and body that inner peace is achieved, and from there one may maintain perpetual harmony from which they may then access the universal mind, from which then anything is possible.

By and large Xan Yae has little patience for the drama of the other gods, and shares little time with them. She opposes Pelor and Pyremius, who represent rigid extremes of good and evil, and whose sun and fires banish her darkness. Of her allies there are few, but include Rexfelis the cat lord, and Zuoken.

If she has little patience for the drama of gods, she has none for those of men, and to save existence she works to not fight, but temper, the extremes of both good and evil, and strengthen the balance and bring harmony to all.

Description: Xan Yae appears as a Baklunish human of any age or sex, slender and graceful, wielding a pair of magical falchions that she can shrink to easily conceal. She is usually dressed in cloth of dove gray, dusty rose, or golden orange.
Alias: Lady of Perfection, Supreme Mistress of Petals, The Perfect Mistress, variations thereof.
Portfolios: Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, Mind over Matter.
Symbol: Black Lotus Blossom.
Realm: Xan Yae’s realm in the Outlands is known as the Tower of Iron Will.
Holy Days: Worshipers of Xan Yae celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, marking the day of balance between darkness and light. Two ceremonies are held on this day, one at dawn and another at dusk, and during these ceremonies neophytes are initiated into the greater body of the church.
On the 27th of Harvester, worshipers of Xan Yae celebrate the Day of the Legion Will. On this day, every member of the church meditates from sunrise to sunset, as deeply as they can, attempting to come in direct contact with the Universal Mind and bend the fabric of existence with the collective will of the church.
Rituals: Xan Yae’s services include dance-like exercises, meditation, reading, chanting, and prayer. The light is always shadowy and dim, and breezes tinkle bells and chimes to create peaceful background noise.
Temple: As the lady of the unseen, temples to Xan Yae are not out in the open like other gods, they are hidden and often very difficult to find; In urban areas like Greyhawk, they are disguised as other buildings.

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Church of Xan Yae (City of Greyhawk)

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