House Rules


  • Divine Spells (including wands) heal max HP out of combat when the caster can focus their full attention on the action. This does not apply to potions or other healing items that don’t require spell-casting/specific class abilities (or a decent UMD) to use.
  • Oracles use their Charisma score in place of their Wisdom score for spells that use wisdom and were published before the Oracle class was released. (Generally this mostly applies to spells from the core rulebook.)

Non-official Materials Allowed:

  • Freeport Companion
  • Healing Belt – 3.5 Magic Item Compendium, pg 110.
  • Fanged Ring – 3.5 Dragon Magic, pg 101.
  • Bracers of Striking – 3.5 Magic of Faerun, pg 155.1
  • Ward Cestus – 3.5 Arms and Equipment Guide, pg 10.1
  • Practiced Spell Caster Feat – 3.5

1 You may not gain weapon enhancement bonuses to your unarmed strike from multiple items at the same time. e.g. if you wear +2 flaming bracers of striking and a +1 holy ward cestus you do not gain +3 holy flaming to your unarmed strike. You may only +2 and flaming or +1 and holy.)

House Rules

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