Influence Point Spending Guide

Here is a guideline for how Influence Points can be spent

1pt – +5 on any social check with a member of the organization you are influencing.
Arrange to meet with a senior level member of the organization during normal working hours
Gain a piece of information generally known by members but not the public at large
Temples: Heal to full HP
Guilds: Free 4 hours of work related to the guild
Thieves’ Guild: Prevent from being targeted by the guild for a month
Beggars’ Union: Locate a person’s residence
Guard/Nightwatch: Patrol will investigate a specific location within the hour.

2pts – Temples: Heal stat damage
Beggars’ Union: Find a person’s location (not hidden) in the city in 1d3 hours
City Watch/Nightwatch: Overlook a misdemeanor crime.
Thieves’ Guild: Target a Mark
Guilds: Have a guild-member take a job and work on it immediately.

3pts - +10 on any social check with member of faction
Guilds: Meet with the leader of a guild
Thieves’ Guild: Gain information on a person’s wealth/status/routines/protections
Beggars’ Union: Spy on a person or place for 3 days
Temples: Cure disease/poison
Guards/Nightwatch: overlook a minor crime, Summon a patrol in one turn plus 1d10 rounds

4pts - Learn and organization secret
Temples: Remove Curse/Restore negative levels
Beggars’ Union: Spy on a person or place for a week

5pts - +15 on any social check with faction member
Meet immediately with faction leader
City of Greyhawk: Meet with the Oligarchs, Mobilize militia
Temples: Raise Dead
Assassins’ Guild: Target an individual
Beggars’ Union: Spy on a person or group for a full month
Thieves’ Guild: Target a person or business for ruin

7pts – Temple: Resurrection

10pts - Temple: True Resurrection

Variable Points
Gain an Item: You may receive for free an item that a faction would logically have (gem from gemcutters, wand of healing from a temple) at the cost of 1 IP/1,000gp in value. You may not spend more IP then your level in this fashion at each level.

Cast a spell: Factions that have spellcasters may provide you with a spell at 1 IP/spell level. Spells that have expensive material components still require the PC to provide the component. The healing spells listed above are special circumstances and are exempt from this.

This list is not exhaustive. It is a basis for what you can do. Other uses of IP may be approved by the DM.

Influence Point Spending Guide

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