Maptool (version 1.3.b87) – The server name for sessions will be “DCGC” and the password will be “cac”.

Mumble – I will be using this for OOC chat and it speeds things up considerably if I don’t have to type out everything that needs to be said to and asked of the players OOC.

Port: 60077

Froth Roleplay Forums – The forum is for questions and to handle loot negotiations.


For those that want to work on their tokens offline, a blank copy of the framework can be found here: Framework NOTE: This is NOT necessary to have in order to play. The framework is part of the campaign files you will load when you connect to the server I will be hosting for sessions. You will only need this if you wish to edit your token between sessions.

Dropbox. Includes YAPCG and setting PDFs. You may post your character there instead of here.

Yet Another Pathfinder Character Generator (YAPCG) is an automated character sheet based in excel that I have found to be very robust and useful. Due to that I have included it in the Dropbox. If you use YAPCG you can use the “save character” macro on the “options” tab to save all your character data to the Dropbox. This means you do not need to save a whole copy of the excel file. I suggest you keep a copy of the YAPCG excel file on your computer separate from the Dropbox and simply use the “save character” macro to export your character to the Dropbox. Please leave the YAPCG file in the Dropbox blank. You are not required to use YAPCG as there are other options to posting your character sheet. I offer this simply as an option that I have found useful.


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