The City of Greyhawk

Welcome to the Gem of the Flanaess. You are an adventure of in the City of Greyhawk, a city founded and run by adventures. They city is rife with different factions each vying for prestige, power and control. You start your adventure as a low-level member of one of these factions, but great deeds lead to great advancements. Who rules today may not tomorrow and the gifted can rise to any level of power in a city ruled by fame, skill and luck. Welcome to Greyhawk, city of adventure? City of fame? City of opportunity? City of whatever you make it. Welcome home.

Welcome to our OP Site

What will we be using this site for?

  • Influence Points Tracking
  • NPC/Organizational Write-Ups
  • Optional place to post your character
  • Game Calendar

Updates to the site will likely be posted to the Froth Roleplays forum but will reside here in order to keep the information more organized.

Dove's City of Greyhawk Campaign

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